How the Program Works

The Effective Personal Productivity Program (EPP) has been planned with busy people like you in mind. The fact that you have decided to use Effective Personal Productivity is evidence that you wish to achieve maximum effectiveness through the time you invest in your work each day.

Because EPP is in printed and recorded forms, you gain three important benefits:

                    Convenience through the portability of recorded lessons so you can listen at                       a variety of times that you choose to.

                    Spaced Repetition which allows you to get a head start in establishing                                 effective habits by reading and listening to each lesson.

                    Multisensory Perception given each of the five senses performs a                                       specialized function in providing knowledge and understanding. In particular,                         EPP makes use of the visual through  printed text and involves hearing                                   through recordings. In addition, writing as you respond to the various actions                         suggested at the end of each lesson. These senses all help to reinforce learning.

Each week, you’ll be asked to:

                   Listen to the lesson material using spaced repetition

                   Read the lesson material and make notes

                   Complete the lesson assignments on each tab

                   Accomplish short range goals of your choice which will provide the practical                        experience that makes the effect of the program permanent.

                   Participate in group conferences as applicable

The EPP program allow you to improve your live life by changing your behaviour. Through it, you can take control of your life and direct yourself toward goals and objectives that are important to you.